Circle Pro Development

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Just checking in on this project. Is it moving forward? I don’t see many posts in this forum and/or it has been a while with no activity. Is the case only offering still going to be offered?

You’re right @trongod , we haven’t updated these forums in a while, but we are most definitely still working on the case. It has turned into a longer manufacturing timeline than we expected due to production issues, but we are making progress and will hopefully have news to share soon.

Awesome! Thank you for providing an update. I honestly have no need for a new computer. But when I saw this on reddit and subsequently the allure of there being a case only option, I suddenly had the urge to build something anyway. Classic case of “if you build it, they will come.” Or of course, “if you build it, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” Can’t wait for an announcement. :grinning:

I am checking this forum daily for information about the upcoming release of the case. Today I saw the great assembly guide video! The case really turned out beautifully. Am i correct to expect the release to be in the near future? I signed up for the forum sale but I am scared to miss the opportunity to buy a case because the units will sell out too fast. Any chance for selling reservation tickets as you do for the fully assembled units?

Maybe - that’s all I can say for now :zipper_mouth_face:

More likely if they sell out quickly we’ll start taking pre-orders for the next batch. It will be first in first served after that. Don’t worry though, you’ll be first to know when everything’s ready.

Thanks for the quick response.


I’ll keep my daily routine up until you are ready to release it!

For those reading this post now - the case is now available for purchase! You can find it here. Discount code at checkout: sffearlyaccess

Hi all,

This week we had a batch of top panels come back from the anodising factory a slightly different colour to the body panels. Although the difference is subtle, parts like this would normally either go back to the factory for re-processing or worse, to landfill.

At Circle Studio we are intensely focused on quality and consistency in everything we ship, so we spent a long time deliberating what to do with this batch. On balance, the fact is that we think the duo-tone effect came out looking really cool. Faced with the decision to delay shipping for another month and sending precision parts to landfill, we decided to offer our customers a chance to get their hands on something unique. That’s why this week we’re proud to ship the Circle Pro Duotone edition. Same amazing build quality, two great panel colours.

High res image of the CPRO Duotone:

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Circle Pro: Black and Silver

Last week, we were excited to announce that Circle Pro now comes in two new colours: silver and black.

Unfortunately, our stock has been very limited due to a few key components being bottlenecked in production, which is why we sold out in less than an hour. We are working hard to resolve these issues, so we can provide a more steady supply of stock.

Until then, check out the new colours!

I just discovered this recently, and I love this case! is there any info on if and when it will be available to purchase again? Thank you!

When will the next batch be expected? missed out on the 7/20 release :frowning:

A few weeks until the next batch unfortunately. The good news is we’re also preparing to launch a pre-order system so we can scale up our manufacturing. I’ll have more to report on this soon!

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is there any chance you have any returns or defective models available for sale?

We’ve thought about it. If people are really keen we may put some together, but we are very reluctant to ship imperfect products.

Is there any updates on an upcoming release?

Yep, we have new stock coming in, but I can’t guarantee release date yet. Expect a week or two at least.

We’ve created some 3D printable brackets which enable you to mount an HDPlex 400W-DCATX unit in Circle Pro. By using this power supply in this configuration and using a 120mm CPU rad, you’ll be able to fit founders cards in the case, or any card up to 268mm long.

You can download the 3D printable files below.

Circle Pro HDPlex 400 brackets V1

If someone who has the HDPlex kit can print this out and give some feedback, I’d love to hear how it goes! :thumb:

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I think this cage, on a larger version, able to fit a usual GPU size like Vega 20, and a couple of type c usb 3.0 would be just perfect, I’m not sure if that would affect the motherboard size always, but if there is a “L” version, better be able to accommodate usual MOBO sizes too.
Although we all love the reduced size, keep it compact of course, great job guys!!!.