Circle Pro Development


Interesting! If you have any more ideas, we’d love to see / hear about them.

FYI, we are definitely working on new stuff, so good ideas may help us make new products better :v:


Hey guys, any plans to do an ATX version? I would LOVE to have that so I Can build a Hackintosh with high expandability. There’s truly no other case that looks this good. Great job!


Do you have a new recommended build, or is it still the same. I know there are some troubles finding the parts in the old list.


Is there any updates on the next release?


This week! We’ll send out an email in the next couple of days.

What parts are you struggling to find?


I’m having a hard time finding a 2070 mini


Here’s a link to the new 2070 Super if it helps!


Do you have any recommendations for custom cable lengths?