Circle Pro Development

Interesting! If you have any more ideas, we’d love to see / hear about them.

FYI, we are definitely working on new stuff, so good ideas may help us make new products better :v:

Hey guys, any plans to do an ATX version? I would LOVE to have that so I Can build a Hackintosh with high expandability. There’s truly no other case that looks this good. Great job!

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Do you have a new recommended build, or is it still the same. I know there are some troubles finding the parts in the old list.

Is there any updates on the next release?

This week! We’ll send out an email in the next couple of days.

What parts are you struggling to find?

I’m having a hard time finding a 2070 mini

Here’s a link to the new 2070 Super if it helps!

Do you have any recommendations for custom cable lengths?

Hi! Is there a release date for the next batch? Really nice case


I second that question - r u still going to manufacture a new batch?

The short answer is no. The case costs too much to make and the sales price is already higher than what the vast majority of people are willing to pay, meaning we can’t make enough profit to continue the operation sustainably.

It’s a shame, because I still really love and care about CPRO, but some things just don’t make economic sense.

We are working on some new things though, which I’ll announce if and when they are ready. If the design stalls at any point, i.e it doesn’t make economic sense, or the design doesn’t satisfy our high requirements, it’s back to the drawing board. I’m only interested in releasing something worthy of the effort it will take to produce. If that takes time, then so be it.

That’s a real shame! I just discovered this case today and it’s what I’ve been wanting for years now. I know numerous friends who I’m sure would also love to purchase the case despite the high price. One way or the other, keep up the good work!


Really sorry to hear that.

I know this is probably too late, but have you considered different manufacturing methods such as aluminum extrusion + CNC machining instead of milling it out of a solid chunk to reduce the cost? That might require making some small changes to the design, but maybe it’s worth exploring. Just a thought.

Appreciate the support! Yes, we did consider that, and priced up a few different design approaches. It would have required a total re-design from scratch - and at that point I thought it would make sense to solve some of the bigger issues as well (full-length card support, etc).

We’ve been working on some exciting stuff behind the scenes. I can’t promise anything, but just letting you know that I’m still passionate about cases :+1:


Sure thing. The Circle Pro is a beautiful case both in aesthetics and craftsmanship, so it’s really sad to hear about it being canceled. But I read your post about the insanely increased manufacturing cost on the SFF forum so I totally understand why you pulled the plug on it.

Yeah that makes total sense then.

Super glad to hear that!

Dear Joshua,

I would like to give you from my point of view the ideal SFF case that for sure will rely on Circle Pro’s extremely beautiful external design because I have also read that you want to design something from scratch. Firstly as for the internal layout, in order to support full length gpu, you have to increase a bit both the length and the height let’s say to 32 cm max, keeping the identical dimensions that make the square like in Circle Pro. In that way you will be able to put the SFX power supply next to the mobo, like in Dan case or Louqe Ghost S1 let’s say, and behind them the full length GPU. Also with the extra height any 240mm AIO watercooling will be supported without the limitations that Circle Pro had. Now as for the manufacturing method for the aluminum, i think that you have take into serious consideration Streacom DA2, because it’s a case that has rounded edges like Circle Pro, also the finish is sandblasted aluminum and not brushed and from what i have read is one of the most premium quality case without being extremely expensive. Finally regarding color choices, it would be very nice and relatively unique if you could include grey, except from silver / black and also give the choice of aluminum panels except from glass. As a conclusion i think that you have to keep the basic design principles of Circle Pro like these beautiful rounded edges, keep the small size with the identical length and height that give a perfect square and with the changes that i mentioned above, i think that the result will be a small beautiful high quality case with full length gpu and 240mm AIO watercooling support. I hope to see something new very soon…

Kind Regards…

El único problema que le veo a esta caja es el tamaño designado para la tarjeta de video. Debería entrar al menos la RTX. founders edition y usar ese tamaño base.

Respecto a la lista de espera. Cuanto tiempo hay que esperar aproximadamente para conseguir este gabinete?

I’ve been following the development of this case for quit some time. I guess I just want to show my support to the developers. It was quite close to the sort of case I was looking for but not quite. As you have already mentioned a few things were missing for the price but I hope to hear about future projects and support where possible.

All the best