Headphone Stand Development

Check out a concept we’re working on - introducing the Circle Studio headphone stand.

This design is still a work in progress, and this thread is a place to discuss the development process. We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and improvement ideas.

Sound off what you think in the comments (pun intended).

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Please another photo with a headset on it for scale?

I use a modern desk size for the limited apartment space. Meaning that is not the typical 60"x30" (152cm x 76cm) its like 41"x21" (104cm x 53cm). I think instead of a surface pedestal why not have it as a clamp. So the base would clamp to the side of the desk instead of taking up surface space on top of the desk. The shaft would be flexible so it could be positioned better than just straight up. An example of this would be similar to this lamp base. Replace the lamp head with the headphone rest.

I think the headphone rest could be just slightly cupped so a little title would not have the headphones sliding off.

Hi Kuulani, welcome to the forum.

Thanks so much for your feedback. We thought about doing both a freestanding headphone stand and a desk clamp version, and decided to go for the freestanding first, with a clamp version in the pipeline of development. We’ll translate a lot of the aesthetic to the clamp version, so we’d also love to hear feedback about what you think of the look.

I appreciate that your desk is quite compact - something that we endeavoured to do with this stand is to minimising the space it takes up on the desk - the base is only about 80mm in diameter. Because we’re using aluminium in its construction, it’s also quite dense, making it very stable even with a pair of headphones on it.

As for the cup, we explored many methods of resolving it, but quickly realised that every pair of headphones has different thicknesses of bands. This means that we would have to design for the largest band, resulting in a really large top section, which means the whole object needs to be scaled up to account for the size. Most of the weight of headphones is in the cups, which actually end up being quite close to the base. This low centre of gravity, combined with the weight of the base, minimises the headphones being knocked off. We’ve actually 3D printed several of these in PLA, and even in PLA there are no issues with headphones falling off unless you purposely push them off. Once the design translates to aluminium, the increased weight will make it even more stable.

See below a render with a pair of Bose QC25s on the stand. We’ve actually tested this pair of headphones on a prototype stand in real life - it works wonderfully, and looks really good doing it :slight_smile:

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