PCIE 4.0 compatibility

Hi there.

Just placed my order for a circle pro. Can’t wait to get it!
I was surprised they are shipped from Aus, as I am in the GC mysef and this ended up being a factor in my decision to purchase due to the glass content.

Anyway, the riser card in the circle pro, I was wondering if it works with the AMD pcie 4.0 hardware? If it doesn’t, is it possible for me to purchase a replacement from you when they do become available?

Also, I am having trouble getting a hold of any of the cpu coolers in the compatibility list. Any suggestions?


Congrats, we had a lot of people miss out this time. Can’t wait to ship it to you!

Our current riser cable is PCIe 3 by default for the time being. There is some conflicting information online about whether you can still use PCIe 3 cables on a PCIe 4 motherboard.

Wahaha360 on smallformfactor.net says “X570 motherboard will not work with any PCIe 3.0 riser, so it’s a problem for all cases on the market.”

We’re currently looking into sourcing Gen4 cables and will stock them as an upgrade if necessary.

In the meantime, another forum poster says “X570 motherboard in BIOS PCI-E can be changed to Gen3 and work without problem.” So considering there are only a tiny handful of situations where you can saturate a Gen3 bus, I’m hoping this won’t be a problem in the short term.

I’m assuming you’re based in Australia:

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme from Amazon - $160 Newegg - $202.40 Mwave - $169

I do recommend the Extreme 3.0 S over the RGB version, because the RGB comes with radiator screws that aren’t long enough to mount in CPRO :man_facepalming:. An easy if not inconvenient fix is to buy longer screws on eBay.

The Water 3.0 Extreme S is simple and great to build with and will work out of the box.